Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: How do you prevent the discharge of EZA in the engine battery?

By a coupler integrated in EZA which allows the connection between engine power and EZA system only when engine on (info + APC).

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Question 2: When the camper is connected to the 230V mains, there is a load current of the engine battery (2A) B1. Does this current recharges the EZA system at the same time?

It is the central module that controls the charging of the two batteries from the integrated 230V-12V charger. The functioning and the wiring are unchanged.

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Question 3: My camper plugged into the 230V, the charger is in operation and supplies 12V to the cell via the EPC 280. Does the EZA system worl as a "buffer" in this case?

In this configuration, the battery is recharged while it continues to supply the 12volts network cell. The functioning and the wiring are unchanged.

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Question 4: What will happen if the system fails? Is there a possibility of troubleshooting?

The EZA system is not more restrictive than the current solutions. It comes with a first aid kit that enables to connect a lead battery will EZA is being repaired.

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Question 5: Plugging EZA directly on the alternator or on the engine battery, will it not damage the engine battery?

No, the engine battery always has priority, as in your current installation.

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Question 6: What is happens to the alternator when EZA system is full ? Does the Alternator have a risk of heating ?

No, an alternator produces energie only when connected to a load. If there is no connected load, it does not produce energy.

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Question 7: Is Lithium dangerous?

Lithium batteries produces no gas during charging or discharging. They are much safer than lead batteries. Now there are many different Lithium technologies. The EZA system uses lithium iron phosphate technologie (LiFePO4), which is among the safest Lithium technologies. Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) does not use any hazardous or toxic materials, unlike lead batteries that are extremely pollutant to produce and to recycle.

Question 8: What are the differences between a conventional lithium battery and EZA?

Lithium batteries are just one component of the EZA system. There is also included a BMS (an essential element for the use of lithium), an electronic card, a solar panels regulator, and very specific safety devices.

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Question 9: How to enable / disable the output converter with the engine running application?

Warning: The motor rotating converter function requires a written request from EZA France, contact-us!
Enabling or disabling the engine running output converter is only possible via a Bluetooth connection with the EZA Power Pack V2. For this, you must first download and install the latest version of the EZA application on your smartphone or tablet.

How to enable / disable the ouput converter engine turning of your EZA V2 :

  • 1°)On the "Maintenance" page of the EZA application, click on the "Tools" icon
  • 2°)The "Workshop Service" page appears
  • 3°)Type in the password provided by EZA France
    the confirm by pressing the "OK" button
  • 4°)The corresponding operating mode is displayed:
    "The operation of the converter 230 is autorized motor running"
    or "The operating of the converter 230 is FORBIDDEN engine running" then validate.

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Question 10: How to rearm the EZA Power Pack?

EZA Power Pack reset procedure:

  • 1°) Start the engine
  • 2°) Press the "ON" button of the EZA Power Pack
  • 3°) The functionalityis restored
  • 4°) Let the engine run a few minutes minimum to rise up the voltage

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