EZA ® 130


Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Power Pack 130 Amp/h, 12.8Volts nominal

pile eza 130

description de la pile lithium-fer-phosphate eza Description

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The "EZA" system is optimized for ultra-fast recharge and store large amounts of energy by harnessing the contribution of each energy source available to a vehicle (alternator, 230V, solar / wind panel) or chalet. The ultra-fast charging of the battery is possible due to optimized charging circuit (charging dedicated line for each energy source and integrated circuit board) and secured by a BMS. Storing a large amount of energy is possible thanks to the Lithium-Iron-Phosphate technology (LiFePO4) that can store up to 7 times more energy than a battery and lead to mass equal volume. The system works like a rechargeable battery: it stores a large amount of ultra-fast energy then it restores the energy of ultra-slowly. The "EZA" system is an alternative to conventional auxiliary batteries and power generators on the market. The EZA system therefore adjusts the energy storage problems by taking advantage of a very long life (minimum 2500 cycles).
Schéma d'installation d'une pile lithium-fer-phosphate EZA v2 dans un camping-car The EZA system easily integrates with an original electric installation. In a vehicle such as a camper or a food -truck , the EZA system installs as a single battery , this is different: it should be able to enjoy direct load lines . The only changes needed to integrate the system into your home electrical system are:
- Connect " EZA " directly to the positive terminal of the battery motor to establish direct load line ( using the cable or 16² 25² )
- Connect the solar panel directly on the EZA stack ( MPPT optimized for charging the system is integrated into the EZA stack.
This installation is simple, but we recommend that it be done by one of our resellers to fulfill the warranty EZA system ( system 2 year warranty , extendable to 5 years).
Sources de charge Pile EZA: Alternateur, 230Volts, panneau solaire, éolienne,...

avantages de la pile lithium-fer-phosphate eza Advantages

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  • Lithium-Iron-Phosphate Technology (LiFePO4), the electronic card, the built-in special LiFePO4 solar panel regulator, a dedicatedload line allowing ultra-fast charging of the EZA® Power Pack

  • -The lifespan of EZA Power Pack at least 2500 cycles.
  • -Lithium-Iron-Phosphate Technology is the safest Lithium technologies (it contains neither cobalt or heavy metals). Also, the EZA Power pack includes a special protection on each line. The entire system is secured by its installation and its components, no risk of fire.
  • -Lithium-Iron-Phosphate Technology used in EZA is the only Lithium Technology that can substitute without any major changes (charger, gauge, generator, alternator, batteryfuel) lead systems 12, 24, 48 Volts (or more).
  • -The EZA Power pack benefits of an ewtremly low self-discharge (< 3% / year) so you do not have to worry about periodical recharge during the wintering of your campervan, caravan, van, ... If you leave your charged EZA for a long period of inactivity, you will find it charged nearly the same way you left it.


Charging Speed

A charging speed unmatched
Up to 150 Amp


Available Energy

Invertor Up to 1500 Watts



Large storage capacity
No maintenance

applications de la pile lithium-fer-phosphate eza Applications possibles

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Intended for mobile use (camping, caravane, boat, van,...) or static use (isolated site), the EZA Power Pack is a dedicated system that totaly replaces a slow cycle battery and can be a substitute to a generator, a fuel celle, an embedded group...
The EZA 80 battery is particularly suitable for van type vehicles.
Application pile EZA

caractreristiques de la pile lithium-fer-phosphate eza Technical characteristics

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  • Lithium-Iron-Phosphate (LiFePO4) Power Pack 130 Amp/h to 1C, 12,8 volts nominal
  • Dimensions Length: 265mm Depth: 380mm Height: 200mm
  • Weight: 25Kg
  • Charging speed: Up to 150 Amp/h
  • Discharge : Up to 150 Amp/h*
  • Discharge rate : <3%/AN
  • Special lithium Iron Phosphate EZA solar controller
  • Integrated battery monitoring module: BMS (cutoff discharge to 10 Volts, cutoff load at 14.7 Volts, automatic Lithium cell balancing at the end of charging).
  • Integrated bluetooth module (allows the control of the Power Pack via Smartphone, tablet, and PC thanks to EZA App available on Androïd
  • USB service interface
  • Events recorder: Slot SD Memory Card (4GB SD card included)
  • Possibility of coupling up to 4 EZA Power Packs
  • 1 RED input plug for alternator load line
    1 YELLOW input plug for direct solar and/or wind load line (maximum power 400Watts)
    1 BLUE input plug for auxiliary load line (lithium charger, fuel cell, group generator)
    1 BLACK input/output plug (input for original charger, output for all original 12V consumption)
    1 GREY output plug dedicated for inverter (maximum 1500 Watt inverter)
  • Protections on lines of charge/discharge (fuses)
  • Battery safety in case of short circuit / overload / deep discharge
  • EURO 6Compatible
*Variable speed depending on the battery state of charge and available generators

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