activation garantie pile eza
WARNING: The non registration of the product causes the nullity of the warranty.
Tout produit non enregistré ne peut en aucun cas faire l'objet d'une prise en charge par notre Service Après-Vente. Please be aware, unregistered products may in no case be a support for our after-sales service.


A 24 month warranty is granted on EZA80, EZA130, EZA260 and EZA280 with a possibility to extend the warranty to 60 months. The warranty takes effect on the date of invoice. The 36 months warranty extension is granted only if purchased at the time of initial installation and the registration with the company LAVI is not later than 10 days after billing (see warranty card) .


The warranty is granted only to individuals and can not be applied in the context of an industrial use or abusive handling of the device. This limited warranty applies to: All defects or manufacturing defects from our workshops leading to a malfunction of EZA under normal conditions of use. For any abnormal deterioration of our material, under normal installation, storage and use.


Are excluded from the warranty, all wear, defects or malfunction due to non-compliance with the installation instructions and directions for use, in particular:
handling, not in accordance with the instructions : - Damages caused by the projection of various products (water, oil, etc ...) or linked to specific climatic conditions (Gel, floods, etc ...)
- Damage related to vandalism, shock or accident.
- If any opening of the product.
- In case of modification of the unit.
- In case of non-compliance with annual audits.


The warranty covers defects described in paragraph 2 appearing after signing the sales contract between the installer and the user. EZA is free to choose how to remedy the defects found, either by repair or by the replacement of the device. EZA reserves the right to use recycled second hand spare parts in working condition, as part of the repair. When working on the device and after completion of repairs, the warranty period on the repaired or replaced parts continues to run until the end of the remaining warranty period. The warranty does not give entitlement to additional remedies especially for compensation or damages and interest for the purchaser or third parties. The warranty does not cover the costs that could be caused by difficult conditions of device installation (eg. Furniture dismantling or body parts) or damage that may be caused by the installer.


If a problem occurs, EZA customer service should be called for a first diagnosis. Please indicate the nature of the malfunction, the appliance model and serial number. The appliance must be returned with the agreement of EZA after-sales service. If a return of EZA system proves necessary the transport is under the reponsibility of the sender. It is therefore important to take every precaution for the packaging, because the sender will be held responsible for any transport damage.

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