Pile EZA 260

Designed in France, EZA is a new power pack system based on
Lithium-Iron-Phosphate technology (LiFePO4).

Known for it’s large storage capacity, it’s ultra-fast charging and virtually no self-discharge, the Lithium-Iron-Phosphate can store 4 to 10 times more energy than a traditional lead battery for the same weight and volume !
EZA offers many possibilities of application and is available in 3 intensities, to best meet your power needs ...

EZA® 280


Special Lithium-Iron-Phosphate battery of 280 Amp/h

Pile EZA 280

Special Lithium-Iron-Phosphate battery

The Lithium iron phosphate technology used by EZA® revolutionized the world of embedded energy by allowing a drastic reduction of the mass per kWh stored, especially compared to lead technologies, Storing 4 to 10 times more energy to the same mass and volume.

  • Extremely fast charging

    load test
    In our tests on a "standard" valéo alternator 130 Amp, we obtained currents of 130 Amp at the beginning of the loading process (EZA completely empty), and an average of 70 Amps ... This means that the smallest distance can be utilized to recover a significant charge level. In all cases, you are sure to properly use your power source (engine, solar, wind).

  • Lifetime
    2000 charging cycles

  • Safety of use
    no risk of fire (no cobalt or heavy metals)
  • Compatibility with lead batteries
    it is also the only Lithium technology that can replace without any major changes (loaders, gauges, generators, alternators) lead systems 12, 24, 48 volts (or more).

  • Extremely low self-discharge: self-discharge of the lithium-iron technology chosen is almost nonexistent (<3% per year).
  • Your vehicle may be wintered without worrying of periodical recharge: when hitting the road, you are sure to always find your battery charged (as long as you have charged it before storing! just on the way back home ! for example).


Recharging speed

Charging speed unmatched before,
Up to 130 Amp / h *


12/230 Volts Convertor

Up to 5000 Watts

solar panel

Solar panels and / or Wind Turbines

Up to 4x400 Watts


  • Lithium iron phosphate battery 280 Amp/h - 1C, 24.8 volts nominal
  • Charging speed unmatched before, Up to 280 Amp / h *
  • Discharge : up to 280 Amps
  • MPPT solar controller with integrated reset button of the microcontroller.
  • Integrated BMS Battery Management (discharge cutoff at 10 volts, loading switch off at 14.7 volts, automatic balancing of the cells at the end of charge).
  • One Secured power input connector for the charging circuit of the vehicle (dedicated to engine battery or alternator))
  • One secured input/output, dedicated to the 230 / 12V load and to the internal consumption of the vehicle.
  • Two dedicated solar panel or wind turbine input (maximum power 2x400 Watts)
  • One multipin connector for the power charge remote control indicator