Most of the time, it is difficult to do without electricity on a building site. You need to be able to connect machines such as a concrete mixer or tools such as a drill if you want to work in good conditions. Electricity is also essential for working when the light starts to fade, especially in winter when it gets dark early. You need to connect construction lights to finish your day's work.

This energy source can also be used as a substitute for the electricity network in case of breakdowns. The first idea is to buy a generator; a cheap and efficient product but that emits CO² and noise pollution that does not allow it to be used indoors, in a confined environment or surrounded by people.


As a specialist in mobile on-board energy, EZA has developed 100% nomadic solutions that are perfectly suited to indoor use, thanks to a lithium battery technology that is totally silent and emits no CO2.

Equipped with integrated pure sine inverters, EZA's solutions offer high power to use all existing electrical devices. With up to 3 charging modes: solar, motor and grid, EZA mobile energy solutions can offer a combined charge of up to 80A to be charged quickly without worrying about its autonomy.

In order to determine which model you need, make an inventory of the electrical appliances you use. Some devices require more power to start up than their actual operating power. It is quite difficult to determine this depending on the type of equipment, but the voltage peak when starting up can be very important, especially on welding machines. To evaluate the minimum power required for a device, the following calculation is necessary: minimum power of the device x PMR coefficient (peak voltage at startup).

Our solutions will quickly become the ideal companion to take with you to your future work sites!