Whether you are hiking, in a tent in the forest or on the roadside in a camper van, you need energy. Today, the use of rechargeable electrical devices during short or long stays is constantly increasing. Travellers want to carry out their activities in comfort and safety: energy is essential and must be transportable!

As a specialist in on-board energy and mobility, we have portable energy solutions, sometimes called "Power stations" or "Power banks". Easy to carry and simple to use, our energy solutions allow you to produce, store and consume electrical energy as if you were at home in complete safety.

Power a kettle, a lamp or a laptop, charge a phone or any other type of battery... everything becomes possible with EZA solutions.

Do you need a light and compact solution or a powerful solution that gives you access to 220V? You will find the right EZA solution in our range with the guarantee of a comfortable and long lasting use. Equipped with Lithium Iron Phosphate (LIFEPO4) or Lithium Ion batteries depending on the model, our eco-friendly solutions make no noise, no CO² emissions and are perfectly designed for use in outdoor areas. By connecting a solar panel, you use a "clean" renewable energy to recharge your solution in order to extend your autonomy. Once your trip is over, during a stopover or during a journey, you can recharge your solution from the cigarette lighter socket or from the 220V electrical network.

All EZA portable energy solutions are CE certified and come with a 2-year warranty.

With EZA portable energy solutions, travellers can push the limits of their future adventures!