Welcome to the world of boating at EZA. On the open seas, energy autonomy becomes an absolute necessity to ensure constant comfort throughout the voyage: washing machines, galley, heating, coffee makers, hairdryers… All this equipment must operate reliably and easily.
As a specialist in on-board energy, EZA is committed to offering complete solutions that generate, store, convert and manage energy on board. Our selection of high-tech equipment guarantees optimum performance, adapted to the extreme conditions of sailing at sea.
Whatever the type of boat, from sailboats to yachts and sport fishing boats, our expertise enables us to design tailor-made solutions to meet the specific needs of each craft.
Comfort, safety and aesthetics are essential criteria for marine electronics. Working with shipbuilders, ship owners and end customers, our technical teams develop and install compact, pre-assembled solutions that integrate seamlessly into the interior environment, without compromising aesthetics.
At EZA, we offer peace of mind at sea, with innovative and reliable marine electrical solutions designed to meet the most demanding requirements of offshore adventure.