Professional vehicles


Welcome to the world of professional vehicles at EZA. Our core mission is to meet the demanding needs of on-board energy systems.
The applications in this field are as varied as the activities and types of vehicles:
  • Scientific vehicles dedicated to research
  • Safety vehicles for protection
  • Food truck’ fast food vehicles
  • Refrigerated transport vehicles
We bring our expertise to bear on each sector, taking account of its specific features and constraints. We are committed to meeting our customers’ needs as closely as possible, whether in terms of performance and autonomy, compliance with electromagnetic standards, resistance to harsh climatic conditions, or the compactness and lightness of our products.
The production, storage and restitution of electrical energy are at the heart of our thinking. In this way, we develop comprehensive, customised and high-performance electrical solutions for our professional customers. At EZA, we turn challenges into opportunities, so that your professional vehicles are always ready to take on the challenges of the field.
Producing, storing and restoring electrical energy are the 3 axes around which we focus our thinking in order to offer our customers a customised, high-performance global electrical solution.