EZA SOLAR MPPT – Réf: 480783


Every solar installation needs a solar charge regulator. As its name suggests, this device regulates the solar charge created by your photovoltaic panel to optimise its yield and protect your battery, view more …


Provides 20% to 45% greater efficiency in winter and 10% to 15% in summer.


Automatically detects 12/24V output voltage.


Used to set the battery type (AGM, GEL, Acid, LifeP04 and Li(NiCoMn02) and charge control mode.


Equipped with LEDs or an LCD screen, compatible with a PC screen to display dynamic data and the equipment's operating status

Every solar installation needs its own solar charge controller.

As its name suggests, this device will regulate the solar charge created by your photovoltaic panel to optimise its efficiency and protect your battery. Thanks to MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) technology, the EZA regulator constantly measures and compares the voltage delivered by the panel with that of the battery.

In other words, it calculates the maximum level of power that the panel can deliver to the battery and that the battery is capable of receiving. From this value, it determines the most suitable voltage to send the maximum number of Amperes to the battery.

The use of an MPPT regulator generally provides up to 30% more power than a conventional regulator.

Max. load current 10A
Rated voltage 12V
Max power of panel(s) 130W
Open circuit voltage 45V
Protection against overvoltage Yes, 15.5V
DC connection 2.5mm² pre-wired
Product dimensions (L x W x H) 85.8 * 81 * 23.1 mm
Weight 0.26KG
Technology MPPT
Compatible battery type Liquid, AGM, GEL, Lithium
Low-voltage reconnection (Liquid, AGM, GEL) 11.4V to 12.8V (default: 12V)
Low voltage disconnection (Liquid, AGM, GEL) 10.8V to 11.8V (default: 11.2V)
Low-voltage reconnection (Lithium) 9.0V to 16.0V (default: 11.4V)
Low voltage disconnection (Lithium) 9.0V to 15.0V (default: 10.6V)
Floating voltage 13.7V @25°C
No-load consumption 6mA
Communication mode diode display
Bluetooth No
Reverse polarity protection Yes
Short-circuit safety Yes
Overheating protection Yes
Housing material Aluminium
Type of fixing screw
Supplied with instructions Yes
Protection class IP67
Warranty 2 years